Redshift Node preset for cinema 4d


Falloff calculates the falloff between a custom vector and the surface normal. When the vector is the same as the surface normal, the value is 1, and when it points completely away, the value is 0. Falloff then remaps the value using a gradient.
Direction [X Y Z  USER]
The vector to falloff from in 3D space.

Mode [space]
The space to calculate the falloff in.
The vector is specified in object coordinates and the falloff is affected by the object’s orientation (and by the orientation of the texture axis). In this way, the falloff sticks to the object as it changes rotations.
The vector is specified in coordinates relative to the orientation of the camera. In this way, up is always up (in the camera view, for example) regardless of camera or object orientation.


Created for fun iridecent effect.Not physically correct,but hope it will be usefull.
Everything is demonstrated in the video.

Download Node preset


  1. Is there a version of this using c4d nodes instead of rs shader graph?


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